The poster week

This week we have been working on making posters for the class rules. These rules we made at the beginning of the year. Everybody had good posters, so we had a vote on google classroom. The vote will decide which posters the teachers would hang up on the wall. 

The other thing that I did this week was finishing my rough draft essay with Mr. Ecker. I had finally completed my outline so this week I started my rough draft essay with Mr. Ecker, I shared my doc with him so now he can comment on the thing and tell me what I need to work on writing more about to fix the grammar on. Next week I plan to finish my essay. Stay tuned for more.

The digital week.

This week I have been putting more finished units in my digital portfolio and I finally did all the units but three. I also finished my book from last week Diary of a Wimpy kid the Long Haul that book was pretty interesting this new one Diary of a Wimpy kid Double Down seems a little stupid I am not as interested in it as the others and it doesn’t seem to follow the storyline of the other ones. This week I also finally finished my outline for the 5 paragraph essay, so I’m hoping I get to start my essay next week. So stay tuned for more next week.

The Essay Day February 21 2020

This week I have been working on writing a 5 paragraph essay to persuade people to hire me the job that I want to have when I grow up is to be an architect so I was looking at some architecture firms and I found one that does all kinds of stuff that I like and so I wrote the beginning of why I think I would be good there and my experiences with that type of stuff. And since I don’t know a lot about how to write an essay Mr. Ecker has been helping me with it and when he can’t help me I have been looking things up on the internet on how to write an essay. The other thing that I am doing right now is I’m outlining it. 

February 7 Update 4

This week we have been working on our design challenge the thing that I want to include in my design is having nice big windows in the ceiling to provide natural light and to be able to look at the sky on nice days, so that’s pretty much what we did this whole week. Stay tuned for more updates.

January 31 2020 Update 3

This week I have been working on filling out units and this week I have finished 2 units the first unit that I did is about writing emails and that one took a little while because there is a lot more to it. I spent a lot of time doing level 1 because it was really hard to figure out if my information was reliable. The second unit that I did was about Author’s purpose this one wasn’t too bad because there weren’t that many things to do on level 1, also I knew pretty much about Author’s purpose already. And this week I also have my digital portfolio complete and I shared it with the teachers and they liked it, they also said that it was good because I had everything I did so far.

January 17 2020 Review 2

This week I have been working on making my digital portfolio. I am now finished with it though and I have done 6 slides. My first slide is about the dispositions, my second slide is about evaluating source quality and the slide show that I made for level 4. My 3rd slide is about the unit I made for my slide show. The slide show that I made is about the Scott Amundsen Research Station in the South pole. The 4thI slide is about the project Steven and I made for level 4 on the effective speaking unit. And the last slide is about the Middle Ages. The other thing that I did this week was present my slide show for the Scott Amundsen research facility. When I was up there it was scary because there were about 40 eyes looking at me, blinking, and they had no idea what I was talking about. The thing that went well was that I spoke clearly and I knew what to say. Stay tuned to hear more for next week.

Project Wonder Blog 1 January 13 2020

Lately in PW, I have been working on making a unit about the Scott Amundsen Research facility in the South Pole. Before I had made the unit I had made a slide dhow for level:4 on finding go research quality. Now I am finished making my unit for the Scott Amundsen Research facility. The way I came across the Scott Amundsen facility was from a book that I was reading called where is Antarctica and in it, they were talking about all the discoverers that tried to discover the entire South Pole and one of the discoverer’s names was Scott Amundsen, he and his crew had built a little shack and when they had to leave they left the shack up and now today in our time we found the shack and we had found out who built it and now when we built the facility we named it the Scott Amundsen Research facility.

4th update

This week I have been working with the superintendent and the assistant superintendent for making/ designing a new foyer for the ad building. I have been asking questions and then I am being corrected by my teachers on my questions and then the superintendents are asking questions. Now that I have answered all of their questions that they have had they are going to give me a tour of the foyer they want me to redesign so that I know what I’m going to do with sizes and color.


Something I failed at was finding a new project. Failures aren’t bad because you can learn from them. I failed at trying to make a good rubber band crossbow so by failing I learned that it would be easier to start a new project. I failed with the crossbow because I didn’t have the write materials. I learned that sometimes it doesn’t hurt to change to a different project.